How to Pay from Debit or Credit card ? For non PayPal users

Step By Step 
Payment method for Purchase from Debit or Credit Card ,
for non-PayPal users 
After selecting the Product model / color / Quantity , Click - ADD TO CART

This will take you to next Page to Fill your Contact and address carefully than Click " Continue to shipping "

On Next Page Please check all contact details , delivery details and order details than Click to "Continue to Payment"

Please choose if billing address and shipping address is different or same .
If your shipping address is same as you input before , choose " same as shipping address" and than Click " Complete order "

This will bring you to PayPal Payment gateway to process the payment ahead. 
Please fill your Debit or Credit details

After fill all card details , Please click terms & conditions and Click " Agree & Pay
Final step
We will send you courier package Tracking number detail soon.

you can also contact us by filling your details in " contact us " page also we are available on online instant chat .

*PayPal payment gateway is safe & secured also famous in many countries.